➤ Industry influencers, academicians, and other prominent leaders certainly agree that Big Data has become a big game-changer in most industries over the last few years.

➤ Data has become the fuel for keeping the business engine running, and to draw meaningful insights across industries. And more and more organizations are formalizing the way they collect, curate, and manage this data.

➤ This Big Data tutorial is aimed to help you learn more about the five V’s of Big Data, the benefits and applications of Big Data across several industries and sectors, and sources of Big Data. The tutorial will also cover some of the challenges Big Data experiences, and how Hadoop can be used to overcome the same. So start now to learn more about Big Data, Hadoop ecosystems, the career benefits of getting into this thriving field, and will help you draw insights and support strategic business decisions.

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Big Data works with massive amounts of unstructured or semi-structured data. Big Data helps collect those data with a continuous increment and process them in a structured format. In simple words, upcoming data is so complicated and vast that none of the traditional data management tools can efficiently store and process it. And this Big Data tutorial will help you to understand the concept clearly.

This Big Data tutorial will help you understand why it’s important to learn Big Data. The name Big Data itself represents a huge amount of data. Facebook’s statistics show that it is producing 500+ terabytes of data every day. Now in recent trends, all companies want to process and analyze their data to get insights and useful information from that.Â

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There are several applications for Big Data in different industries, so let’s look at a few of them in this Big Data tutorial:

For the natural resources industry, with the help of predictive modeling, Big Data supports decision-making to utilize that information for ingesting massive amounts of data. It also integrates this large amount of data from geospatial data, graphical data, text, and temporal data. A statistics study by Deloitte shows that most organizations will use Big Data by the upcoming year.

Big Data is increasingly becoming popular in the education industry as well. To measure a teacher’s effectiveness and to ensure a pleasant experience for them, Big Data is used for a spectrum of tasks. The teacher’s performance can be fine-tuned concerning a few parameters like student numbers, subject matter, student demographics, student aspirations, behavioral classification, and some other variables as well.

The retail and wholesale industry holds a big part of the economy, and using Big Data techniques, this industry is growing exponentially.

It helps the industry analyze customer behavior through past data records and personalize the in-store experience for their customers by recommending products. Big Data helps organizations to reduce fraud transactions and ensures timely analysis of the inventory as well.

Transportation companies use Big Data to process their massive amount of data, and this technique helps them in various ways, such as:

Medical and healthcare industries are also overwhelmed with the data for the fact that the traditional systems are not equipped to handle them properly. So, Big Data becomes the chief problem solver and a game-changer for them as well. Hospitals collect data through various resources from millions of patients to identify and predict proper effective medicines for all. Also, Big Data helps doctors and labs to make more precise and accurate diagnoses in an efficient and timely manner.

Learning Big Data is becoming necessary these days to work with these unstructured and semi-structured data. Big Data has a broad spectrum of career options as well. It is like an umbrella under which many job titles and roles exist.

Big Data aspirants can choose their career as per their interests like:

Statistics show demand for Big Data developers and aspirants will rise by around 7,00,000 openings by the year 2020. These analytics jobs are one of the highest-demand domains because of the continuous increment of data.

To learn Big Data in-depth, one needs to have a basic idea about these technologies:

Basic programming is needed to manipulate your data, and java is the base language to start with. Also, if you have some idea about databases like SQL, it will help you understand the insights of these technologies more easily.

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With technology that has already reached the pinnacle of its highest uses implemented, you would be quite aware of its significant functionalities, processes, applications, and overall importance.Â

You will get an idea of the Benefits of Big Data from this Big Data tutorial:

The points above highlight the multifaceted uses and benefits of Big Data that permeate various areas of our life (like every transaction you have done online, and all the purpose of your everyday life which is solved online). So, let’s go and check out the ten most real-time Big Data applications used by the industry.

From all the parts we have learned so far in this Big Data tutorial, we understand what exactly is Big Data and why it is gaining popularity exponentially.

Data is the new resource to today’s industry, which makes Big Data the key to handle those resources, and knowing the technology is one of the add-on points to your resume. Start learning the Big Data tutorial to get a better understanding of how you can efficiently handle the new resources.

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